The Münster-based GWS corporation, one of Germany’s leading suppliers of ERP solutions for the trade sector, officially opened its new extension today, after 14 months of construction. A festive reception was attended by employees and management, as well as the mayor of Münster, Wendela-Beate Wilhjalmsson, the developer and representatives of the office designer. Special mention was made of the exceptional interior design concept with its so-called “smart working places”, and the active part staff played during the planning phase. The layout has been configured to encourage teamwork, and can be seen as a model for modern office design.

Planning for the new extension right next door to the headquarters building at Willy-Brandt-Weg started in early summer last year. Management was determined that it was going to be more than just an office block with space for 160 people, but a place that would reflect the contemporary and team-focused culture of the company. A building with the capacity to accommodate a growing workforce and that would also provide a highly flexible and advanced working environment. Staff played an active role in the design of the new extension.

State of the art IT and ergonomics

The result can be seen in the interior design of the building with its state of the art IT facilities and ergonomics. Known as a “smart working places” it includes specially designed regeneration and creativity zones, as well as work stations created with the utmost flexibility in mind. Employees are free to move around according to the requirements of their job on hand, e.g. in project teams, they can go to free work stations and immediately “plug and work” with their laptop.

Informal dialog and creativity

Informal communication also plays a great role in the design. There are different opportunities to take time out for some R&R. For instance, there is a “down to earth” room without any technology or animation, and there are areas with table soccer, a billiard table, and even a digital racing track. The extension is also home to a video conference room, as well as a “me to you” area for one-on-one conversations, and a variety of conference rooms, each with its own design.

Appreciation of good job performance

Udo Lorenz and Georg Mersmann, joint CEOs of GWS say: “We know our staff performs well every day of the week and, if necessary, even stay on beyond regular working hours. We want to give them, and any new colleagues joining us, a modern and pleasant environment they look forward to coming to every day. Our new extension reflects the values we want to live: future-focused, contemporary and successful”.

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