Steel Trade

gevis ERP | NAV
for steel trade

developed in close collaboration

with established steel traders

and suppliers in order to optimally

represent all requirements of

daily operations.

Challenges in steel trade

Tough competition and falling prices

For a number of years, steel trade is a difficult market: Facing with a global overcapacity in steel production, the competitive pressure increases while prices are falling. Internationally, nearly one third of the capacity remains unused. Nevertheless, a further expansion of production facilities is expected – especially in the Asian countries. In contrast, the worldwide demand for steel is growing significantly slower than over the last years. Even in Germany, the economic upswing is generated primarly by private consumption and steel intense investments e.g. from the public administration fail to appear.

Traditional markets of German steel producers become less important. The reason for this is that the demand for steel stagnates mainly in Europe. After all, about 75 percent of the German foreign steel trade takes place in the EU. As a reaction, many countries outside Europe build up trade barriers to steel themselves against the growing pressure of competition.

Examples for this growing protectionism are import duties, import licence systems or the preference for national companies when awarding public contracts. This development also burdens the export oriented German steel industry. Further particular challenges for steel trade are the existing overcapacity, the intense competition especially from Asian and East European entrants and the declining demand.

In addition, legal requirements are changing quickly and customer demand increasingly sophisticated special steels. This difficult situation requires a good cost control, the expansion of services as well as high-value products. All this is necessary to gain a competitive advantage. Today, one prerequisite for business success is an innovative ERP system with which business processes can be planned and controlled reliably.

high energy costs

flexible raw materials procurement

international competition

low demand

falling prices


decline in production

longterm consequences of the financial crisis

poor economic conditions

The industry solution of the GWS

gevis ERP | NAV for steel trading is only one of many industry solutions of the GWS. You can find further sector specific solutions and information about gevis ERP | NAV on our subpage: Industry solutions of the GWS.

Based on decades of experience in the steel industry, we developed gevis ERP for the steel trade together with our customers. The system is designed to fulfill the specific needs of the steel sector and can be adapted to companies of any enterprise size or area of activity. In gevis ERP, all types of operation from firststage processing to warehouse management to the complete traceability of all products are mapped.

This way, the customers can choose between predefined processes such as sawing or zinc coating during processing. All process information are imported to follow-up documents such as order confirmation, packing slip or invoice. The documents are available at any time by pressing a button. In the cutting proposal, individual standards like minimum and maximum lengths as well as the entered chuck width receive attention. Furthermore, the available stock is adjusted immediately.

Equally important are interfaces to high-bay warehouses or sawing connectivity. With gevis ERP, every employee obtains exactly the required information to meet the steel sector’s needs. This means not only any time access to all necessary documents which are exclusively saved digitally, but also the possibility to display statistics and evaluations at any time. Effects are e.g. that inventory levels can be optimized and costs can be reduced.

As ERP specialists who designed numerous industry specific solutions, we know that the requirements for ERP systems are constantly changing – especially in trade and in retail management. Therefore, when customers decide for our industry solution gevis ERP, this is the beginning of a longtime collaboration. At run time, we will work together on the further delevopment as well as the continuously improvement of the system and thus of the business processes.

Important functions in gevis ERP which are relevant for steel trading

At a glance

In the processing, you can chose by item between predefined steps such as sawing or zinc coating. Prices, cutting forms and cutting angles can be consulted and edited directly.

Takeover of your current structures

The flexible article search in gevis ERP provides you the opportunity to re-use the current matchcodes of your previous ERP system.

Integrated certificate management

For an easier overview of the use of material and the shipment status of your articles, we provide you our integrated certificate management. At the push of a button, gevis ERP creates a pre-filled e-mail and attaches automatically order and reference number as well as the corresponding delivery notes and certificates.

Complete traceability

Every indication and setting is taken automatically to follow-up documents such as material requisition card, sawing list or packing slip. In that way, you will receive complete traceability from your supplier to source materials and processing steps to the delivery.

As much as necessary, as little as possible

gevis ERP is highly customizable to your company, in order to satisfy any company size and any field of activity. This is made possible by the most efficient and adaptable work surface, which provides various working stations of a company exactly the needed information.

Maximum economically

In the cutting proposal, you receive a detailed listing of the order lines and existing source variants. With just one click, the order lines are maximum economically filled out and the available stock is adjusted immediately. Here, individual specifications such as minimum and maximum length of the cutting waste are just as important as the specified width chuck.

Maximum efficient

The management of lengths, units and batches is already possible in the search function and allows a maximum efficient use of source material and residual lengths.

Multiple interfaces

The linking to subsystems such as high-bay control or saw connectivity is already available in the standard.

Interfaces to the systems of this companies:

Overview of further features

  • Management of remaining lengths

  • Management of certificates

  • Sawing lists & cutting proposals

  • Material requisition cards

  • Firststage processing

  • Control station

  • Series queries

  • Purchasing

  • Route planning

  • Tracking of goods

  • Dimensions

  • Linking to subsystems

  • High degree of integration

  • Assignment of cross sections

What do customers say about gevis ERP?

For us, it was essential that we could improve our performance in terms of reliability of our services and deliveries. For that reason, we reshaped processes or displayed them electronically with gevis ERP. In the end, it is important that we can satisfy our customers and therefor a process mapping within a ERP system is necessary. This mapping should include all procedures from order acceptance to invoicing.

In summary, we are well positioned with the gevis ERP solution in difficult times. This desicion has been proven absolutely right.

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The main reason why we decided to introduce a new ERP system and also why we choose gevis ERP, was that our previous ERP system reached its limits. Moreover, with our new merchandise management system we are able to benefit from significantly more advantages as well as to extend us. We decided for gevis ERP after we visited some of our colleague firms and faced up to their experiences with this ERP system.

Now, we have many more options to perform evaluations by statistics to then structure the business and the process organisation in a better way.

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